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1. The aim of consumers engaged in standardization work is to ensure that standards for consumer products and for services are as comprehensive as possible and correspond to real consumers needs. It should be emphasized, however, that consumer interest in his work goes further than standards development. Consumers can play a crucial role in raising general public awareness of the existence of agreed standards, thereby ensuring that buyers demand products manufactured or services rendered, according to these standards.

2. It is important to participate in the standardization work to make sure that overall consumer requirements regarding to safety, health, quality, durability, accessibility and environmental aspects are included in the standards. From the standardization bodies point of view it is important that consumers participate in the development of a standard to explain different aspects of a product or a service and to make sure that the end-users requirements are included. In such a way the standards get better and has a real value for the society.

3. Development and application of standards is closely related to other “related” areas, including conformity assessments, accreditation, metrology, but also technical regulations, market surveillance etc. In this guide by “standardization” we understand this whole complex block of areas.

4. Involvement of the Czech Consumer Association in the activities related to standardization is perceived positively not only in our organization but also as we believe by our partners; it is the important part of profiling and the mission of the Czech Consumer Association as the professionally based subject, which constructively co-operates in the field of the protection of consumer interests, while the aim is prevention, limiting of abundant regulation and establishment of conditions for fair competition and fair competition environment with accent on the consumer protection.

5. We have to consider limitation given especially by budgetary limits; broader activities of the Czech Consumer Association with regard to the fields which should be covered and with regard to the geographical places of the meetings would be rather expensive, financial resources are limited and their allocation for the field of standards is therefore proportional to these limited possibilities.

6. For some time we develop the idea to establish the system, which would be built up in the frame of consumer movement in the narrow co-operation consumer associations and other partners but which would enable better allocation of financial means with the aim of strengthening of professional activities of consumers in the standardization processes.

7. The model of consumer’s participation has been being developed in years 2008 and 2009 under the project funded by EEA resources with Standard Norge as the project partner. The model is based on the establishment of the consumer Cabinet for Standardization, a Public Service Company, which should ensure "professional" level of consumer participation in the standardization processes.